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Could you tell me what are your specific benefits "Beaute Indian" ?

First thank you for asking this very broad question. I tend to start by saying that our specialty is Threading. Indeed, this practice traditional Indian can highlight your eyes with the perfect design of your eyebrows. This technique is also suitable for the removal of hairs "savages" of the face. Know that you can also, in our institutions, are the classic treatments by beauty salons as French waxing.

Then I think one of our services you can find an interest in our makeup parties (traditional Indian festivals, bollywood party with your friends ...) and temporary tattoos, mehendi. These are made on the fingers, hands, arms, feet ... using henna. We provide you with the specifications of models that allow you to select the reasons that we will accomplish your request. Third category of benefits specific Indian: the ayurvedic massages. There is no need to praise the benefits today, both the balance of your body and the stilling of the mind and relaxation afforded.

Feel free to ask us for advice on Ayurveda as it is with pleasure that we send you additional knowledge and useful to the lifestyle. Finally, I would say that this site and on our various Facebook pages, you can also retrieve information that we like to share the Indian culture: music, dance, tradition ... Customer Service Center Stella Indian Beauty.


Where are your Indian beauty salons » ?

Currently we have established four institutions, Indian Beauty Stella Center. All are located in the Paris region.

The first has been in existence for over 10 years rue Philippe de Girard, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris (accessible from the metro La Chapelle).

The second is located in Passage Brady (also 10th), which is the birthplace (in the 70s) the implantation Indian shops in Paris in France.

To bring a close in your daily we have chosen to open a third facility within the Great Gate Shopping Centre, which is Porte de Montreuil.

The fourth property is located stud Street, in the 12th district.

Over time we will strengthen the close and learn about upcoming openings.

Warning: I take this opportunity to tell you that there are more and more establishments that appear on their window "Beauty Centre Indian" and which are not managed by our company.

So before you open the door, please ask about the quality of services you can find and experience ...


It's you that I saw on TV » ?

Possible, yes.

Stella was invited on several trays of French television, but also in reports to conduct demonstration of the practice of hair over the eyebrows. The beauty section of journalists regularly contact us for more information on traditional practices or on our innovations.

So to answer your question specifically: probably, but it would tell us when and chain on it?

To read you.

The Customer Service Center Stella Indian Beauty


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