The Threading is practiced in all our institutions for many years. This technique, practiced according to traditional Indian methods, is suited to areas with low surfaces such as the face.

Accurate, fast, the Threading is one of the secret beauty of Indian women.

The Threading is new?

L'épilation au filThis technique has a past millennium in India. However, the Threading is increasingly adopted by European women, especially through the services provided in our institutions for over ten years in Paris.

The Threading, the success of our institutions.

The Threading eyebrows is practiced in a sitting position. You sitin a comfortable chair similar to a barber. The practitioner needsyour help to stretch the skin. It uses only are know-how and a little cotton thread. The latter will perform work similar to a pair of tweezers to remove hair. The design of the shape of your eyebrows is made precisely according to your desires and the natural shape of your face.

Before I do realize, ask if the length of your eyebrows is sufficient to obtain a perfect result.

The Threading: for all those whose skin is fragile.

If you have a tendency to allergies or your skin reacts to the various hair removal products, the technique of Threading is highly recommended you. Indeed, no product is needed. Think possibly make a good skin cleansing before coming and evening to moisturize your face and neck.

The Threading is no appointment necessary, convenient, fast and more with the quality of our experience.
Stella Indian Beauty Centre, brings you an efficient service, at the best price for temporary hair removal.

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