Hammam Indian - 14 rue Goujon - Paris 12

Stella Beauty Centre Indian innovates by proposing the establishment located in 14 Rue Goujon in the 12th district of Paris on the first Indian Hammam.

Exclusively to female customers, the hamman is available individually and by appointment.



A mist of warm steam and soothing, delicately scented, a scrub that cleanses the skin and makes it soft ... relax and recover your energy.

A hammam individual

We imagined, for you, the best conditions to enjoy the benefits for your body and your mind, provided by the heat and steam. A steam bath, in a single cabin, promotes relaxation and provides you with a pleasant feeling of freedom in a moment, and just for you.

The true motivations to come to Indian steam

The main role of a sauna session is to relax while making a thorough cleaning of the skin. Indeed, the pores open under the effect of heat. Thus, the following gentle exfoliation your time relaxing in the steam room, is extremely efficient. So you evacuate stress and your skin breathes better.

Also, the heat activates the blood and lymph circulation which helps to loosen muscle tone. It is therefore appropriate to schedule a session steam after performing heavy physical activity, sport training ... which allows faster recovery.

You should also know that regular sessions helps balance the body by eliminating toxins and impurities.

benefits Indian Hammam is found only in our facility located rue Stud.