Bikini waxing simple

For your convenience, aesthetics when you go on the beach or playing sports, the bikini is a very sensitive body part to be depilated. The practitioners of our centers are extremely friendly and attentive especially to achieve this type of care.

Stella Indian Beauty Center, care for your beauty secrets - for women only.

Bring you a quality service for temporary hair removal.

Sometimes it is not necessarily easy to explain what one wants, especially when dealing with a topic related to privacy. Therefore, Stella Center Indian Beauty brings you here some details of vocabulary related to the care of the bikini waxing.

Hair removal is simple say, what is practiced in a conventional manner. Hair removal is done on the area around the panty or swimsuit (removal of hair in excess) that you wear on the day of your arrival in one of our beauty center.

Fashion underwear sometimes leads to the choice of a so-called Brazilian bikini waxing. In this case the hair removal for the pubic area is more indented and triangle. This beauty care is tailored to the port of thongs, thongs and strings.

For the summer period, many women are choosing a bikini waxing American. Unlike the previous, the shape of the hair remaining is rectangular.