Eyelashes - Desiring to lush lashes
Friday, 06 April 2012 09:49

Beauty tips for lashes

Desiring to lush, thick eyelashes? They never go out of fashion and create a style statement. Have you ever tried wearing false eyelashes? If not, try to maximize your own lashes by following the advice of beauty for eyelashes.

Lash Beauty

1. There are cosmetics for eyes varied on the market that can help you provided that lashes.

2. You can also use a little petroleum jelly or olive oil on the tips.

3. See that you do not get too much oil on the eye.

4. Use products that increase the growth of eyelashes - some as Revitalash. Eyelashes would certainly become larger and thicker in just two months time, but you have to pay big money.

5. You can also use an eyelash curler - which makes your eyes get wider and gives it a more youthful appearance. Be curly eyelashes before applying a coat of mascara.

6. Remove the mascara in the tube, but do not try to pump up and down - it will dry.

7. If you require, you can wipe the mascara with a tissue and remove the excess.

8. Put some powder lightly on your lashes so your mascara has a coating and clinging to your eyelashes.

9. It is best to curl your lashes round instead of doping up to the eyelashes.


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